Views from National Christmas Center, Christmas Museum and Family Attraction

Views from National Christmas Center, Christmas Museum and Family Attraction
Christmas Museum in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Annual Christmas in July Festival - July 2009

Our own Santa Claus poses with Kitchen Kettle Village's mascot, Yummie, as they stroll the grounds of the festival.

A snapshot of part of the festival grounds, prior to opening.

Quality craftsmanship was the hallmark of the vendors offering Christmas-themed merchandise.

Christmas antiques were offered for sale. Visitors were able to take home a Christmas childhood memory - a plastic Santa, 1950's color wheel, an ornament that perhaps hung on Grandma's tree...

Frosty, keeping it cool in July, with a friend.

PA German Scherenschnitte (cut paper) art stood side by side with locally-crafted Amish quilts.

Santa had fans of all ages.

Colonial art form theorem painting, presented by sandra Coldren.

It was a red hot Red Hat Christmas in July as we greeted the ladies of the Red Hat Society!

Collectors showcased vintage and antique Christmas items for sale.

Locally-made fabric art gave the festival a taste of Lancaster County.

Live music was provided by Narrow Road (shown) and Brother Bob and Friends.

There was quite an array of arts, crafts and collectibles from which to choose. Thirty eight vendors attended the first festival.

Tinsmith Karen Hurd offered both practical and decorative art for sale.

The booths were both colorful and nostalgic.

Artisans such as Al Moeser demonstrated their craft for the festival crowds.

Next year's festival will be held the second Saturday in July. Check out the web site - - for details next Spring.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Byers Choice Amish
National Christmas Center Christmas Museum shop

Come enjoy our newly renovated Christmas gift shop. Now offering Byers Choice carolers, scented candles, vintage-inspired ornaments and handcrafted, made in the USA Snow Children, in addition to the ever-popular Old World Christmas glass ornaments.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Christmas in July Festival

We're gearing up for our first annual Christmas in July Festival, to be held Saturday, July 18, 2009, from 10 am until 6 pm. More
information is available here , along with applications for food vendors and arts and crafts vendors.
Musical groups "Narrow Road" and "Keldon Hearts" will be performing live throughout the day. Check out the link for all the latest information!

Keldon Hearts (left)

and Narrow Road (below)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From where did Santa's reindeer come? And how did Rudolph come to join them?

What’s the story with the reindeer? Where did they originate?

Authors and businessmen are at the bottom of Santa’s ungulate fixation. Washington Irving’s “A History of New York” has Saint Nicholas riding on a horse with a wagon. Fifteen years later, in 1821, a poem called “Santeclaus” provided the jolly one with a sleigh drawn by a single reindeer.

The venerable “The Night Before Christmas” added depth to his reindeers by giving them names and describing the way in which Saint Nicholas (who was an elf at this point) shimmies out of houses. And – no joke – a controversy still exists as to whether “Donner” or “Donder” is the true name of the seventh reindeer. (Senator Robert J. Dole (R-Kansas) allegedly called for an investigation on this extremely critical issue.)

So it was. For over a hundred years, Santa had eight reindeers. Then, in 1939, a Chicago-based chain of department stores gave him a ninth. The company asked one of their copywriters to write a Christmas story as a promotional gimmick.
Robert L. May’s Rudolph was not actually the offspring or even a distant cousin of Santa’s existing reindeer, he was from an “ordinary” reindeer village outside of the North Pole (read: the wrong side of the tracks). And unlike Johnny Marks’ famous song, Rudolph was very much loved by his parents, and only minimally subjected to ridicule.

Moreover, he wasn’t hand-picked by Santa because of his shiny nose. Santa discovered him by accident, when he noticed the glow under the red-nosed reindeer’s door while delivering presents to his house – aw, even animals get gifts!
Weatherman Claus had noticed the fog earlier in the evening and, feeling that it would lead to delays and accidents, gave Rudolph the rags-to-riches story his nose deserved. Upon their successful return home, Santa said, “By YOU last night’s journey was actually bossed. Without you, I’m certain we’d all have been lost!”
(Auhtor Unknown)

Walk from "Nazareth" to "Bethlehem" in The First Christmas

Walk from "Nazareth" to "Bethlehem" in The First Christmas
Life-sized figures and realistic scenery transport you back in time over 2000 years. Journey with Mary and Joseph. See a typical home of the time and a humble carpenter's shop. Navigate through a caravansary - an oasis marketplace, a rest stop for weary travelers. Experience the dangers of the journey, and be awed by the appearance of a glowing angel. Hear Latin and Aramaic being spoken, and listen to the music of the time. Join the shepherds' trek and at the end of the journey, in a humble grotto, behold the birth of Christ.